Whitepaper (G32)


The information herein presented does not constitute financial or investment advice in any form. Investment in a cryptocurrency-related project is based on self-volition which makes it necessary for the individual to do personal research before making such a decision. It should be noted that purchasing the G32 Token, NFT's, and any other publicized product of Gladiators 32 is not synonymous with the purchase of a security or engaging in an investment that must produce a return or profit. Neither the developers of the Gladiators 32 DeFi project nor the team is under any obligation to provide support services to individuals and neither will "they" be liable for the outcomes of anyone's decision to engage in a crypto-based transaction which is a voluntary undertaking. Always consult an expert or a financial advisor before engaging in any crypto-related transaction or engagement. Similarly, no part of the content of this whitepaper is sacrosanct as it is subject to reviews over time with respect to the dynamics of the time.
Last modified 8mo ago